1.04 Intruder in the Night

While Mira slept, she had a stranger that appeared on her porch! We thought, oh, she’s sleeping and it’s fine because he’ll just go away, no harm no foul.


But that was not the case!

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1.03 Promotion!

Today Mira woke up feeling like she was on top of the world. She’s not sure if it’s due to some of the weird fog that occasionally gets puffed out from her new friend’s tank or not, but she’s definitely feeling good. She made sure to start the day off right with a nice hot breakfast too.

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1.01 Moving In

Mira decided to get a little bit of fresh air and look around the neighborhood once the movers headed out after setting up her furniture. She ran into a few people and tried to play a few tricks on them. It went alright, but they ended up wandering away and she was left with heading back to her new home.

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0.0 Getting Started


This is the story of Mira Berry, a not-so-Berry Sim just trying to get a fresh start in the world and see where life takes her .

She’s hoping to get to the top of her career, as a Scientist. She loves everything about the color Mint and it’s green family, and she’s incredibly interested in the elements of her world. She’s currently hunting to complete her collection, and hoping that her career in the scientist track will help her on er endeavor.

She’s just moved into the lush and green section of Oasis Springs, and found a cute starter house that she’s hoping will be the start of a wonderful life and legacy that can count on generations to look back on and see where it all started.

All she knows for the future is that it will be exciting, and full of beautiful possessions to make her happy. And she hopes that you join her on her journey.