1.01 Moving In

Mira decided to get a little bit of fresh air and look around the neighborhood once the movers headed out after setting up her furniture. She ran into a few people and tried to play a few tricks on them. It went alright, but they ended up wandering away and she was left with heading back to her new home.

When she arrived, she found a random group of people on her front porch. She’s not sure why they were there. They kept telling her that they were the welcome committee for the neighborhood, though the one named Don just didn’t make a good impression on her.

She ended up mocking him just a little before finally shooing them off her property. Seriously, anyone who brings a fruitcake to welcome you to the neighborhood clearly doesn’t want you there, right?

She then proceeded to make herself a garden salad for dinner and just enjoyed her new mint colored house. She had heard the movers asking why she had so much green in this house, and that it was too much, but not for her. Definitely not for her.

Personally, everything was just the perfect amount of green.

Once she had finished dinner and cleaned up, she headed out to do a little yoga and unwind from the day.

Truthfully, she finds the view outside on her back porch inspiring and it helps to clear her head in the quiet of the desert area.

Just before she headed inside, she saw a little metal node, so she made sure to collect it before she headed in to bed.

Well, collect it and then send the metal off to the Geo Council to analyze it for her. Once she gets settled in her new job she’s sure that she can analyze them herself, but for now she doesn’t mind relying on the Geo Council for the help.

She went straight to bed after, wanting to be fully rested for her first day.


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