1.02 First Day on the Job

Today started out pretty fantastic for Mira. She woke up well before her alarm went off, and decided to make herself some fruit salad for breakfast.

Thankfully she’s pretty careful with that knife. There weren’t any casualties for the meal.

Once at work, they asked her to make sure all the plants in the green house were watered. Apparently the last intern that was asked to water them disappeared. Mira didn’t ask too many questions before headed over and watering the thirsty greenery. They were very grateful for the water. Perked right up.

After that they had her do several minimal jobs to just help get her around the office and get the lay of the land. She made sure to do each of them with a fine hand and hard work. And doing so landed her a little free time so she wandered over to talk to the robot that helps create inventions. They talked for hours and he helped her with a breakthrough. She’s got an idea for an invention now, so she’s hoping to be able to invent it tomorrow.

After a long day, Mira came home and made herself some grilled cheese for dinner. It’s a simple meal, but the gooey nature of the cheese after it’s been warmed just soothed her hungry soul.

What she didn’t tell her co-workers was that she found this strange little squid while at work today. She set him in his little tank on the coffee table in her home for the time being. She just couldn’t turn him in, he seems too cute to pass up and bring with her. Plus, she’s found her place a little big without some company.

Just before bed she showered and then ended up on the computer for a little bit. Trolling the forums has been her favorite evening activity, and being in a new town just doesn’t change any of that for her.

Feeling confident in her ability to troll, she finally logged off and headed to bed. Still at a fairly reasonable hour that she can get up for work tomorrow.

She’s hoping her second day on the job goes just as well, or even better.


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