1.03 Promotion!

Today Mira woke up feeling like she was on top of the world. She’s not sure if it’s due to some of the weird fog that occasionally gets puffed out from her new friend’s tank or not, but she’s definitely feeling good. She made sure to start the day off right with a nice hot breakfast too.

While at work, she was asked to stick her hand down these strange little holes in the ground. Not one to be able to say no to that, she did as told. Though maybe now she understands some of why the last technician disappeared.

After she had thoroughly explored the grounds for weird places to dig through, she came back in and worked on the invention her robot friend had helped her to think up.

She had to admit too, she was super excited to make it.

When she asked her co-worker for a crystal, he buffed her off and told her that she should just go find some herself.

After getting angry at such a rude answer, she did just that and found everything she needed to show her boss that she had what it took to move forward at their location.

Her boss asked her to try making a food synthases serum, so she did that too.

She’s not sure how well it turned out, as it doesn’t look particularly appetizing, but she’s sure it will be fine.

After work, she made herself some tofu tacos to celebrate! Her co-workers don’t understand why she doesn’t eat meat, but that’s fine, she doesn’t need them to. She’s happy living vegetarian lifestyle. Her boss saw real potential in her, and made sure to promote her right away before she left for home, so tomorrow she gets to start a brand new title.

She also found another friend and brought him home while she was looking at those strange sites around work. He’s this little weird blue slug, but it means that her little squid friend will have company now while she’s at work.

She’s really going to have to find somewhere better to keep them though, maybe she should invest in some shelves and put them up on the walls.

After dinner, she cleaned up and headed straight to bed.

She can’t wait to start a new day with more responsibility already!


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