1.05 Party Nights

Today started like most others. Mira took a bath instead of a shower, though, because she woke up much earlier than she expected. Made it well worth her while because she was able to play a little in the tub and get her fun up.

She then made sure to grab some fruit salad for breakfast. Starting out with a good meal only leads to a good day, after all.

She made some great breakthroughs at work while working on some serums too.

Though, the most fun she had was when she made a simray and was able to freeze her co-workers.

After work she came home and put the new trophies and aliens she’d found on her shelf in her little study. She likes looking at them, feeling accomplished.

She’s also pretty proud of her elements table, as it’s coming along fast. Though, it probably helps that she’s sending every metal and crystal she finds to the GEO Council for analysis.

After work, she got a call that a party was going down. Since it was Friday night, I decided why not and headed out to have a good time.

Despite coming home exhausted, Mira had a fun time at the party and fell into bed happier than ever.


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