1.06 Weekend Fun

The weekend started out by meeting the Landgrab family. Mira didn’t get along well with their son, and might have actually made an enemy after she left.

Though, clogging the drains on their sinks and bathrooms might have also had a factor in that. She couldn’t help it, really. The mischief just had her in the moment.

That did take all day, of course.

The next day she heard there was a flea market in town, so Mira made sure to head over. She loved all the food options with the little vendors around. She definitely doesn’t find them in Oasis Springs.

Though, she was surprised at just how much it set her mouth on fire.

She ended the day with a relaxing session of yoga on her porch to stretch out all the muscles that were tense from setting her mouth on fire with the spicy food.

The yoga session left her so inspired that she decided she wanted to paint a little. Not that she’d ever painted before, but she figured that she’d give it a try.

Tomorrow is more work. Hopefully it will be a grand day.


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