1.07 Completions and New Starts

Work this week went fairly fast, but fairly uneventful. Well most of the week. It’s only Thursday for Mira.

But she was getting a lot done, and moving up the corporate ladder. She received a promotion on Tuesday and only strived that much harder to work on her job and continue moving up.

She even started working on the rocket ship that’s on the work grounds.

She was also able to collect a lot of metals and crystals, and complete the elements collection this week.

The GEO Council even sent her this super cute little plaque commemorating the occasion!

Thursday night she saw lights on in the house across the street from her too. So she decided to head over and find out who had moved in.

Turns out a fairly handsome man named Travis had become her new neighbor.

The two spent a good amount of time talking before she had to head on home. There was one more day of work this week, after all. And she was pushing for another promotion at work.


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