1.08 FIRE!

Friday started out fairly normal for Mira. Work went as needed, and she had a little time to head out onto the grounds and collect metals and crystals.

While the elements collection is complete, she had noticed that the more she designed more machines to make at work, the more they needed crystals and metals to build. So she figured that it would be good to have a small stock on her when she wanted or needed to build new ones.

She had no idea that what was going on in the building was deadly while she was away!

Fire had broken out. How it happened in the bathroom, she was unsure, really. But it had.

Eventually the co-workers gave up trying to put the two girls and the fire out and left them in there.

Neither survived.

And they stood outside the building looking on in horror as the fire raged.

It did nothing to Grim as he collected the dearly departed, of course.

And it was only after Mira put the fire out that she went home, one promotion more under her belt for both moving up the ladder in her job and being the only one to put the fire out and get it under control.

After work she needed some company after the deaths though so she headed over to Travis’ house. The two hung out for a long while just gazing up at the stars and talking.

Before she left, she leaned up and kissed him sweetly for being such an amazing person and letting her talk about what had happened at work.

She grabbed a little bit of dinner after hanging the pictures she’d taken with Travis on her wall.

Despite being tired, she’s excited to see where things go with Travis. Maybe she’ll even ask him out on a date now that the weekend is here.


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