1.09 Relationships Blooming

Despite the fire at work, Mira was feeling fairly confident from being the one to push it out. So she decided to head over to Travis’ house. to see how he was doing.

He was in the middle of making dinner, but told her to come on in and hang out. He also mentioned that he’d add a little more to what he was preparing so she could eat with him.

The two spent most of the night talking and just watching the night sky above them. For Mira, it was the perfect rest after the long day at work.

Feeling like they connected well, Mira ended up flirting with Travis.

And Flirting led to a Proposal.

That was accepted.

And celebrated before moving him into her house.

All the celebration tired Travis out, so he settled his clothes in the dresser in their home, and went straight to bed.

Between the proposal, Travis moving in, and celebrating, Mira couldn’t sleep quite yet.

So she sat and pondered some chess moves for a while before finally heading to bed.


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